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We believe that the future of the commercial maritime industry and leisure boating is emission-free. Our electric thrusters launch the next wave of the ultimate aquatic experience.

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We're committed to sustainability. Decades of research and development in electric aquatic propulsion and the use of water lubrication have resulted in groundbreaking power solutions in a zero-emission era.

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Just like with electric vehicles, our electric-powered thrusters provide instant torque, faster acceleration, a smaller turning radius, and improved manoeuvrability compared to fuel-powered counterparts. The quiet operation is a bonus.

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Our thoroughly tested e-motors are built to last. With ceramic bearings, no mechanical power transmission, no seals, and intelligent use of modular carbon fibre-reinforced polymer parts, they're virtually maintenance-free with extended life cycles.

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Canal cruiser in a canal with a Bluestrom electric thruster

Canal cruisers

Move freely within your city’s blue zero-emission zones with maximum uptime, power, and manoeuvrability.

Leisure boat in a lake with a Bluestrom electric thruster


Enjoy the fun of maximum performance with the peace of mind of minimal noise, running costs, and maintenance.


Bluestrom Horizon H POD Drive

Horizon H

POD Drives

This electric POD drive is an ideal modern propulsion system, offering a cleaner environmental footprint and space-saving benefits. Depending on the desired power, the Horizon H is available in both single and double-motor versions. Additionally, it can be equipped with a 360-degree rotation add-on for optimal manoeuvrability.

  • Power range: 5-180 kW
  • Water lubricated bearings, no seals
  • Virtually maintenance-free & no wear
  • Higher efficiency by utilizing adaptive composite blades
  • Excellent weight/power ratio
  • Vibration free and quiet running
Bluestrom Horizon R Rim Drive

Horizon R

RIM Drives

The inline electric RIM drive is seamlessly integrated into the housing, operating without a central shaft. The Horizon R is the perfect choice as the primary propulsion system for relatively small and slower boats, such as canal cruisers within city limits. Additionally, it can function as a bow thruster (tunnel or retractable) for taller boats and larger yachts, enhancing bow manoeuvrability.

  • Power range: 15 - 190 kW
  • Water lubricated bearings, no seals
  • Virtually maintenance-free & no wear
  • Higher efficiency due to optimized flow, less resistance
  • Excellent weight/power ratio
  • High bollard pull and quiet
Bluestrom Horizon Z Propellor blades

Horizon Z

Propeller blades

In case of damage to a blade, there's no need to replace the entire propeller. The composite blades for the Horizon H and Horizon R can be easily replaced individually, requiring no expensive expert assistance and can be done using standard tools.

  • Efficient repair planning is possible because low inertia prevents high vibrations caused by potential blade damage
  • Easy to install
  • Standard propeller blades available from stock

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Can our thrusters be charged with solar energy? Can our thrusters easily be installed on most small and medium-sized boats? Do they deliver thrust with near-to-zero energy loss? Yes, yes, and yes. As the pioneer brand in electrified aquatic engineering, we have decades of experience, extensive knowledge, and all the answers you might need.

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